Store array with specific start and stop value

Hi guys,
I have a huge array values series were received from : {0E}{7F}{05}{0B}{78}{78}{78}{78}{78}{2F}{32}{40}{7F}{7F}{FF} {0E}{7F}{05}{0B}{78}{78}{78}{78}{78}{2F}{32}{40}{7F}{7F}{FF}

These array will repeat several times. I need to store the array with a temp array (temp[]) while these values start with {0E}, then store the rest value behind this {0E} until they catch the {FF} value.

Then I want to print out these value for testing. After finish, the temp[] array will store once again as same as method above.

Sorry for my bad English. Please help me to solve out this method.

You can try Serial.readBytesUntil()