Stepper motor controller with RATIO and speed

I am new to this programming stuff, so I just wonder if anybody can point me out on some existing projects as close as possible with what I need :

  • ppotentiometer will be used just simply to set desired speed (0-100RPM) (say I will set 10rpm)
  • With 2nd. potentiometer I need to set RATIO (say 10K value will be split to 7K and 3K) and with this ratio I need to split the TOTAL speed (set 10RPM ) between 2stepper motors,…
    … so 1.stepper motor will have speed of 7RPM and 2nd motor will have 3RPM…
    Direction will be always only in one direction…dont ned to change that.
    Any ideas?

Hi Jozef-
As far as I know, there isn’t an existing guide that does exactly what you’re doing. However, here is a hackster guide to using stepper motors with Particle devices. Hope that helps!