Status Message Log?

Is there some way I’m missing to see the status message history, other than the one line of current status?

I usually miss the “Flash Unsucessful” message or similar, while like at the blinking lights and such and just end up with “Ready” and no useful information about the Flash outcome.

Or I could just be looking in the wrong place. (If not, just having the messages flash with no scrollback by is the opposite of helpful.)


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@suda, this might be something for you to take on.

Thx Jordy!

@XediDC that’s an interesting idea. Would it help if error messages persisted instead of fading out and being replaced with “Ready” message?

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Probably something like that.

As I’ve gotten more into it – say, in a similar way a verify/compile error shows up below the status message?

Just a thought. Thanks!