SSL using the Electron's SARA modem

Hi All,

I’ve just found that the Electron’s cellular modem looks like it will handle SSL over TCP if you load certificates with the USECMNG command. You can find them in this manual

Before I embark on this further, I’m curious if anyone has experience with this?

@hwestbrook, the SARA module used on the Electron is not the version that supports onboard SSL unfortunately.

We use the U260 almost exclusively and it looks like the U260 supports this feature in u-blox’s data sheet

Do you have information that contradicts that data sheet?

Unfortunately, there is no hardware SSL/TLS. Note that it’s only supported on the SARA-U260-03S. The Electron has a SARA-U260-00S-00 model. Same for U270.

firmware version=23.20
ordering code=SARA-U260-00S-00

From the AT command reference:


Got it, thanks!