Spectral measurements


I wanted to share our Spectron project that just went open source (that was a work of myself and Iliah for the last year and a half).

These pages contain all the hardware designs, boards, BOMs, firmwares to run it and demo firmwares with small exception of controlling software (that is still being developed and will also go there once done and tested).

Photons here are used to drive a high speed external ADC circuitry and Hamamatsu spectrometer sensor (two types are supported) and provide full control over measurements via Particle cloud. A separate photon is also used to control mechanical aspect of the project and drive a stepper motor (also with a full control over motor parameters via Particle Cloud).


In our Spectron project work we have developed existing firmwares for C12880 and C12666 to allow automatic measurements (auto integration parameters), long exposures for C12880, various result type generations, calibration of the sensor saturations etc. Since our project software is progressing rather slowly, I decided to release all hardwares and firmwares as well as a sample application to control and operate just a spectrometer. The Windows binaries as well as sources suitable for compilation on Windows, Linux and MacOS are released and can be used to measure spectrums in fully automatic modes as well as manual allowing full control over Spectrometer sensors. The application operates over Particle cloud controlling spectrometer device remotely.

Project release together with sources (code, firmwares and hardware) is here.

A few screenshots:

Hamamatsu C12666MA sensor board connected over particle cloud with Windows controlling application:

Hamamatsu C12880MA sensor board connected over particle cloud with Windows controlling application: