Sparks USB wall power adapter

Looking at the power adapter that you sell, I am wondering if this is a UL listed product. We will be handing power adapters out to other companies for testing and we do not want to have liability issues be cause of faults adapters causing shocks of fires such as the cheap $2 chinese counterfeit apple adapters

Any info would be great.


@will, can you assist @wesner0019 with the question?

I’m sure and confident of Spark selecting proper products worthy to be sold :wink:

Hey @wesner0019 ,

Yes, the power supply is UL Listed. The certification number is printed on the device (E310745), and we received proof of confirmation from UL’s database before purchasing the units. You can also lookup the UL listing here:

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Great and Thanks! I figured you did your homework before hand, I just didn’t see anything on the description.

@will Have you looked at the output signal with no load and full load? I’m curious about the quality of the power generated. Here is a good reference for what to look for on USB wall warts.

@mtnscott we haven’t verified independently, but the datasheet reads 40mV ripple on a 5V signal, which is a little less than 1% noise.