Sparkcore interferes with my usb wifi modem

Hello i recently bought an sparkcore, i configured to run on my wifi modem in wpa2 mode, it keeps on connecting to my wifi and my modem reboots, and it messes up with the internet making it unstable.
model: hauwai ac3633
it could connect to my mobile hotspot network but not with my wifi modem.

Sorry you are having trouble. Just to make sure I understand the situation: you have your USB modem broadcasting a wifi network correct? Or is both the SparkCore and the usb wifi modem connecting to another wifi access point? Or perhaps an alternate configuration?

Hello @arunmag i think this is not Spark Core problem. You must check your 3G modem settings.

Please read this doccumentation :

@Yasin: you could be right but until I get a clearer picture I’m not entirely sure what’s going on with @arunmag’s situation.

My USB Modem is broadcasting wifi network.

Yes, i think so. i tried on N mode, even tried on 5 and 10 channel.

Ok. So, here’s the situation:

You have your laptop broadcasting a wifi network with WPA2 security. You also have a sparkcore which you have configured to connect to this wiki network. When it connects something happens and your wifi modem (plugged into your laptop) stops working reliably. Is this correct?

I do not understand what you mean by “mobile network.” What is connecting to a mobile network?

Yes. exactly. the Modem reboots in random manner.

That’s mobile hotspot from my mobile.

Try powering the Spark Core from a Wall Adapter separately from your computer.

At the same time try ensuring that your USB WiFi adapter is getting enough power by plugging it into a powered USB Hub.

It sounds like the power is sagging with extra power required by the USB WiFi adapter and when this happens it resets.

tried both. my USB modem always runs from 5v1a adapter. even powered the sparkcore from same rated adapter.

To attempt to rule out the Spark Core as the cause, try connecting several other WiFi devices besides the Spark Core to your USB WiFi adapter and see if it will stay running.

Ok. So it sounds like there are three devices in the mix here:

  • SparkCore
  • USB Modem connected to laptop broadcasting Wifi network
  • Mobile device

Can the mobile device connect to the Wifi network when it is being broadcasted by the USB Modem?

I want to agree with @BDub, this sounds like a power issue.

Would you mind clarifying “my usb modem always runs from a 5v1a adapter”? Is it not required to be connected to a computer?

No not needed, it uses HSD and broadcasts internet via wifi.

yes. for using with the spark app, as soon as i enter the ssid and key. modem resets.

i have been using it for around 3month with several devices. Mobile,tablets,ipads,ipods etc

Ah, ok. To everyone else as dense as I the wifi modem is essentially a 3G hotspot.

What are the modem’s wifi settings?

A couple times the term USB modem was used so I latched onto USB WiFi dongle which it sounds like USB doesn’t matter here.

@arunmag try going to the MFG’s website and updating the firmware of this “modem” to the latest. Also see if it has a Legacy b/g mode you can turn on. The Spark Core will not work on 802.11n unless Legacy mode is enabled.

Hello @BDub he said i tried to N mode. spark core only works with B/g mode. @arunmag can you change your modem mode ?

Yep, I think we’re saying the same thing right? :slight_smile:

Haha yep. I am writing with mobile phone. After my post i showed your post :blush:

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Modem has two modes 1. b/g/n mixed 2. only n,
tried on both