SparkCloud IDE - "Mail-merge" style tokenization?

Looking through a people’s project ideas, its seems likely that quite a few people will be using multiple cores to do the same thing. For example, multiple temperature sensors in different locations, all reporting info to a central computer or service.

Do you have any plans to have a “mail-merge” style feature in the spark cloud IDE, where we could deploy code to ten different devices with a different ID for each one?
eg: the arduino code:

int deviceID = [%DEVICE_ID%];

when deployed to my spark core #001 would become:

int deviceID = 001;

to spark core #002 would become:

int deviceID = 002;

And so on?

Failing that, will there be a way to read a unique identifier from the core?

Thanks :smile:

Yes & yes, though not in the mail merge style you describe.

You’ll be able to define a group of cores to be accessible with one API call (including code deployment)—for example a “Temperature Sensors” group. See the (only slightly informative) Groups section of the API docs.

The Core will have an ID on it that you can enter into the Spark website or an app to identify it, and you’ll also be able to give your Cores easy-to-remember nicknames like “Front Door”, “Fermenter”, “Back Yard Thermometer”, “George”, etc.