Spark Webpage Titles

I know this is a very lazy of me and I know the solution is to have less tab’s open or separate windows, however would it be possible to make it a bit more obvious which tab is which?

The three tabs I have open is one for the SparkCore Documentation, one for the Sparkulator and one for the forum which I often have open all at the same time and next to each other, it is driving me insane not being able to workout which is which!


As a fellow tabaholic, I concur. :smile:


I too have been caught by this! I’ll log a request to differentiate these if possible. :smile:
I think we had a task for this in the past, but I’m not sure what happened to it.



Looks like they’ve already made some changes. :thumbsup:

What’s the change? I dont see any…

Several of the sub-pages/sites have more detailed titles now:

The primary exceptions I’ve seen so far are the main forums page and the Sparkulator, which are both still just titled “Spark”.

i don’t really think there’s much change for those people with zillions of Tabs :stuck_out_tongue:

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As someone who currently has 141 tabs open across 5 Chrome windows, I understand. :smile:

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Hey, they have this really cool new invention for people like you… it’s called, Bookmarks. Have you heard of that? I know it’s cutting edge and stuff so it might be tough to find, if you can afford it… but thought you might like to check it out :wink: Seriously I thought I had a problem, now I’m completely normal!! 15 - 20 tabs is my standard M.O.

For extra credit, changing the page (tab) title in the Sparkulator while verifying and flashing to show the status would be awesome. That way, if the 15 seconds it takes to flash a Core is just too long for your ADD, you can simply keep an eye on the tab title to see the progress.

Wait, it takes 15 seconds now? What happened to forever? I’ve been using the local DFU mode most of the time so I haven’t been keeping a close eye on the OTA times.

No way it’s 15 seconds that would have been headline news! :smiley:

If you’re just flashing “hello world” or something, it’s usually pretty quick. It took 13 seconds from the time I clicked “Flash” until the status reported “Ready”. That doesn’t include the Core reboot time to get back up and running. since that’s (probably) roughly the same between local and Sparkulator flashes.

Ahh, the time that it used to take until it said “Ready” was about 1 second before… this was about how long it took for the server to compile the code. Now it seems like it still compiles that fast (because it’s flashing magenta after about 1 second) but the status says “Ready” for me at exactly 12 seconds after I press the Flash button. It seems timed in code to me, but I’m not sure what 12 seconds is suppose to reflect as “Ready” because it takes about 60 full seconds from the time I press the Flash button until the time the Core reboots. I’m leaving off the time to boot and reconnect because that’s kind of variable for me.

Wouldn’t it be great if the Sparkulator/IDE window (only) had a favicon in a slightly different color?

So we could see which is the IDE and which is documentation, forum etc.


We just need to ping @jgoggins and/or @shime about this.

See what I did there? :wink:


Heck yes, this is a good idea. I’ve got the task spec’ed out and queued up, will ping this thread when it gets deployed. Thanks for the great suggestion guys!


Had some time left, and thought this might be nice;

I’m not sure it’s still visible enough to be seen, but I thought it was worth giving it a shot.