Spark + Mini BLE + Mixpanel = Physical Analytics!

I’ve just finished building out a v1 of an idea I’ve been working on.
The general idea is to use BLE mini in central mode to detect the UUID of nearby beacons, publish those to the Spark Cloud as a Spark.variable. A node.js script is running using sparknode & mixpanel to check for new UUIDs and publish those to Mixpanel as a custom action. I’ve also include a little logic if a known UUID is found, publish to Mixpanel with a friendly name.
This example requires this separate node script but using base64 we can encode a simple http post using just the Spark. If anyone would like to help me, nudge nudge, that would be awesome.

I’ve included my Node app and sketch file here:

Original sketch came from:
Detect iBeacons using Spark Core and BLE Mini
:+1: (thanks to @krvarma for his great work)

node npm install in the root directory to install Mixpanel and Sparknode dependencies.
Enter your Spark Account Token and Device ID along with your Mixpanel account token in config.json
Run the app with node app.js

Procfile included to run with Heroku