Spark/flash/status data failed in console


I used these mode


and after that even if I have commented them from my code I am getting spark flash status data failed, none of the particle published event is showing in the cloud console.
what to do ?

What is the RGB LED on the device doing?
Have you tried Safe Mode?
You can also put your device in DFU Mode an run particle flash --usb tinker -v to flash Tinker again.

its slow blinking white . connected LCD is working though.

This means it’s not connected to the cloud so no OTA update possible nor will you see any sign of the device running in console.

You should try my suggestions above then.

I am just getting this error :
Error writing firmware: No DFU device found

Have you put the device in DFU Mode (blinking yellow) before running that command?

I got it back working but I wonder how did it got wifi off at first place ! Does setting SYSTEM_MODE to manual requires wifi to be turned on manually ?

Exactly! That’s what the docs would tell you too.