Spark core + PowerBoost 1000 Basic = Love?

Hi all!

I´m doing a home project where I plan to use the Spark core + an PIR motion sensor to detect movement in different rooms.
My main problem is to be able to supply power to the core for at least 6 months. There will mostly only be activity in the rooms during daytime, the core will be put to sleep whenever theres no movement.

How does the Spark core work with PowerBoost 1000 Basic? Is it even possible? Can I hook up as many AA-batteries as I need?

Link to the PowerBoost 1000 Basic:

1.) The core consumes around 70-300mA that varies depending in how it is used.

2.) AA batteries are not going to give you much juice even if you use a low power method

3.) A power supply setup with lipo batteries as backup power might be a better approach.

4.) You will need to adopt a sleep always and wake up when there is motion technique so as to minimise power consumption.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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I don’t think batteries are the solution to your problem. 6 months is a long, long, very long time. Taking in account that the powerboost 1000 has a ’ low quiescent current: 5mA’, you would require a crazy amount of batteries just to compensate its quiescent current, not mentioning the spark core itself and the converter’s efficiency. I suggest you either use some high power Lithium batteries (would still require quite a lot of them) or just use a 5V supply (usb charger).

But to answer your question, yes it is possible and yes you can hook op as many batteries as you need (make sure you won’t exceed the 5,5V max input of the module).

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@kennethlimcp This helps alot! Would a 9V battery work any better? Im an computer engineer student, and dont know that much about electro.

@TheHawk1337 Thanks. My goal is to make this as user friendly and smooth looking as possible. So doing this without batteries is out of the question. I’ve consider solving the project using a Moteino + ras pi instead. Would that be better? I got the impression the the Moteino is very low powered

Nope. Basically imagine the core as your phone… to give an idea of power consumption :slight_smile:

Wow! alright. So the Moteino solution would be better considering power use?

Yes monteino would be better, I think. I cannot seem to find any power usage tables. It seems very similar to spark core. Reducing power consumption by turning off modules, putting the chip to sleep etc. I think that you can use a spark core that is in deep sleep with this project. Using it in deep sleep with wakeup on interrupt reduces power consumption dramatically.Needs further research though, I don’t have time for that now.

I understand, thanks a lot! I think I will try both solutions anyways.
Will post here if successful

It will require optimization in both cases. Looking forward to your post and good luck.

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