Spark Core Lemma

This link says Spark Core Lemma is coming soon, anybody from Elite Team or Spark Team is working on it? or is it a Noam’s private project?

I think this is an interesting one especially considering interoperability.

I’m not aware of anything off the top of my head, but it definitely looks interesting. I’m putting this on my radar to keep an eye on. Thanks for the link!

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Is Lemma their library for interacting with their services? Nobody from there has talked to me yet, but the more the merrier! :slight_smile:


Looks like just a wrapper that let’s you understand one set of commands for different systems, should be similar to this Arduino Lemma:µc-based/

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The server is available as Open Source software for Mac, we can download the install it on our own system.

You are correct @BDub, it is wrapper to let you understand command independent of systems. I tried their Arduino library, it is based on the Arduino Ethernet library. I replaced all the EthernetServer, EthernetUDP, etc… but I stuck on aJSON library. Since it is coming soon, I postpone this for some other day.

I installed their server on Mac and tried with Arduino Uno but it didn’t work, keep on saying “Not connected to Noam server…”, should be some problem with my configuration.

Noma is the server side of the Lemma Libraries that allow each device to connect and interact between themselves regardless of platorm.

“Noam is a messaging platform that allows you to create complex interactive products by easily networking hardware and software elements together.”

For event messaging, data is sent from a Lemma client to Host server, and from Host server to Lemma client. By running servers from both Host and Guest application, robustness is improved by allowing the Host to directly re-establish a connection to a Guest to transmit data, and extensibility for future implementations of distributed load networks.”

So it appears it is a Client Wrapper ? Hmm. Without the Cloud ? I’ll keep looking for that answer.

The Host server is available for Mac, it is an Open Source one written in Ruby. It keeps listening to the following port:

Discovery UDP Broadcast	1030
Lemma TCP Port	7733
Lemma WebSocket Port	8089
UI Port	8081

I tried Lemma Library with Arduino Uno but didn’t work for me. May be this week end need to play with it.

Hi all,

hopefully I can bring some clarity to the Noam questions in this thread. I work at IDEO which is behind this open source release of Noam. We recently released it into the wild for the community to benefit from it after having it developed as a internal tool for us to use. The idea is to heavily simplify the effort to create prototypes that uses multiple different software and hardware platforms and connects them over the local network. The different components can interact in realtime between them easily creating prototypes that for example could incorporate a browser to Arduino to iPad interaction with Noam as the spider in the middle handling all the messaging between.

As @spydrop mentioned Noam is the server for the Lemmas (clients) that we have created for a large set of different languages and platforms. We are slowly releasing them as they become more stable and you can find the latest list here All source code for Lemmas and Server can be found on our Github repo

As you see there is no stable Spark Lemma yet since the Spark firmware has been constantly evolving throughout the spring and summer. We built a Lemma, based on our Arduino Lemma, and got most of it working on a much earlier firmware release, before the cyan flash of death work, but there is still hurdles to pass. For example we had problems with number of concurrent connection with the Spark cloud taking up a couple of slots in the CC3000. We might start up this effort again once the Spark and CC3000 firmware has stabilised but in the meantime if anyone wants to take a stab at it I can look to host the code on a repository as a starting point.

Feel to ask if you wonder anything and as in any open source project we welcome any contributions.



Thanks for the update.

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