Spark can't see wifi unless very close to router

Hi All

I didn’t see this addressed in the troubleshooting section and I am sure there is a simple fix. I have three routers one main and two clients and they all act as separate AP’s. They are configured with the DD-WRT firmware and broadcast very powerful signals. One covers the entire 10 acres we live on. I can easily connect all of my SC if they have a line of sight or are very close to one of the routers. As soon as I move the SC’s away they go to flashing green.

Believe me the signal over my entire house is very strong but if any obstruction like a wall gets in the way of the signal to the SC I get the flashing green.

Is there a way to increase the tx/rx power of the SC?
I haven’t done any of the deep updates. Is there a way that I can tell what version of firmware I am running?

Just to reiterate the SC work great it is the conectivity that I am having issues with.

Thanks for your help.

Do you know if you have the on-chip antenna or the u.FL antenna? If it’s the on chip, check it’s not cracked or otherwise broken. If it’s the u.FL, be sure to have an external antenna connected.

@mdma yes I have both the chip antenna looks fine and works and the u.FL is connected and is working from a router that is 8 feet away through a floor, so I don’t believe that the antennas are the culprit here.

I can’t speak to the Tx power but a u.FL antenna gives you more signal sensitivity. You should apply the latest udpates:

This will update the CC3000 firmware and the Core factory reset code. However, every time you compile your app, the latest version of the (production) firmware is compiled with it. For the latest-latest (!) you would need to compile locally with the latest firmware repo.

The signal strength put out by your DD-WRT APs may be higher but you may want to see if a different channel helps. Also, power does not always equal greater range if you have reflective and/or absorbing surfaces between the SC and the AP. You also mentioned two APs. Could it be that the SC is setup for the “less optimal” AP? Does each SC have the credentials for all APs or just a single one?