[Solved] Speed Up SOS reset - interfering with Hardware Watchdog Timer

Hello Particle forums!

Is there a way to have the Electron simply reset if it encounters a “SOS” reset? the time delay of signaling the “S…O…S” is interfering with my external watchdog timer. It powers down the electron while the “S…O…S” is still going, and I’m reading an incorrect ResetReason() that shows “Power Down” instead of the panic code.

I think the SOS is very neat, but I no longer need this feature and was wondering if I could turn it change it to a less visual version since I’m logging ResetReason() and don’t need to read it off the status led


I don’t recommend using an external hardware watchdog timer of less than 60 seconds for Wi-Fi devices and 120 seconds for cellular devices. The reason is that it will be impossible to do a system firmware update OTA with a short watchdog. The normal method is to flash a new user firmware binary that requires a system firmware upgrade and reboot. On the reboot, the safe mode healer kicks in and downloads the necessary system parts and bootloader, if necessary. Since your user firmware does not run during this part of the process, your watchdog will not be tickled and will continuously reset the device.

As for your actual question, no, you can’t turn off the SOS blink pattern without a custom system firmware build.