[SOLVED] Scrolling locks up

In Chrome and Fire Fox my app which compiles OK will not scroll beyond line 98 about 90% of the time. Page goes unresponsive and I have to close and re-enter the IDE. My other apps scroll OK but this on is my largest to date. Only about 300 lines but with 6 header and 5 .cpp files. Line 98 isn’t extremely long. It will scroll in DEV. How do I add header files in DEV? Any Ideas?


What OS are you running?

I’ve had projects of 2500+ lines and 15 source files in Build on Windows 8.1/10 Chrome without issues.
Any “exotic” characters in any of your code lines?

Just create the header files in the project folder, insert your code and include “flat” (= without path).


I did manage to get past the error, however I didn’t see a cause. OS is Windows 10. In IDE with app loaded I opened the" Developers window" then I could scroll all the way down. Didn’t see anything wrong, deleted a few empty lines around the problem area, saved the app, and all is well. Developers window showed:
application-588e5d7….js:32834 Uncaught Error: Nothing handled the event ‘clickedOnIDE’.(…)

???Seems OK now. 2500+lines, you scare me!


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Problem was Maximize/Restore Down. If you experience a problem with scrolling down, try switching
between Maximize and Restore Down, it worked for me.

  1. Restore Down: Windows logo key + Down Arrow
  2. Minimize: Windows logo key + Down Arrow
  3. Select Window: Windows logo key + Tab (or one of the other key
    combinations that can be used to select an open program)
  4. Maximize: Windows logo key + Up Arrow
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