[SOLVED] Photons of different owners receiving each others ifttt events on same WiFi network

Hi all
This is in the context of teaching an IoT workshop in which students are deploying the same firmware to their Photons.

I have several photons, each running the same sketch, but owned by different accounts. When any one of us trigger an ifttt Applet that publishes an event to which our Photons subscribe, it seems that each of our Photons in the room receive that event. This surprised me as I assume that the pub/sub must be restricted in visibility to the ifttt/particle account to which each Photon is linked.

I believe that the “bleeding” of events only occurs when the Photons in question are on the same WAP, Ive not seen it occur once the devices are separated.

Does this surprise anyone else? Is this a bug and/or is there a workaround or fix?


How is your IFTTT event defined and how do you subscribe to that event?

This is the interesting part:

combined with this:

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Thanks - I assumed that there was some qualifier by owner/account needed to subcribe to others’ public events. But why then doesn’t this happen when the Photon are on separate networks?

(in the meantime I will try specifying private of course)

I found that while I can make an ifttt event private, my Photon’s call to subscribe then does not receive the event. What I cannot find is an example of how to subscribe to a private cloud event - it’s not like an event published by “MY_DEVICES” (param to subscribe).

Does anyone have an example of subscribing to private cloud events?


Take a look at the docs for subscribe. You want the MY_DEVICES flag.

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Thanks very much harrisonhjones@ - I had tried that (hence my post earlier mentioning it) but I had not switched the ifttt applet to private - I thought that MY_DEVICES would still receive public events. I just went the step further after seeing your reply and it’s working as expected.