[Solved] Error while compiling TCPClient example


I’m stuck while trying compiling the example provided for TCPClient there http://docs.spark.io/#/firmware/tcpclient-tcpclient the compilation takes about 5mn and nothing happens (Spark Core web IDE). The code isn’t flashed OTA and I’m wondering why ? Usually it works in a just a minute. Any insight ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @Thomas,

Hmm, try hitting “Verify” instead of flash. I think the status messages for Flash are still a little misleading.


Hi @Dave,

There is actually an error while trying to verify, it was my mistake, I had an incorrect line of code in the beginning of my program. However I have a suggestion regarding the status label (during flashing for example !)

It would be great to give the message directly when flashing instead of having to verify the code before to see it.

Thanks !