[Solved] Closed ports on work network

So I’m trying to find a way to connect my core/photon to the cloud but the port is blocked on the network where I’m currently working. I have a tl-Mr3020 router plugged into a Ethernet port for the core to connect to.

I’m thinking of flashing openWRT or ddWRT and connecting via VPN within the router… but I’m wondering if there is an easier way?

Hmm… No easy solution @Hootie81 :wink:

@Hootie81, unless you get the port opened, VPN may be your only solution. What is your VPN endpoint (free service)?

I use strong vpn, have been using them for years and they are fast. I’m on an old contract so it’s not too expensive. I don’t use it to remain anonymous or anything… more just extra security on public networks and in hotels overseas.

I think I have bricked the router now though… might have to dig out my old serial pass-through app and use the core to refresh it :slight_smile:

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In case anyone is in a similar boat, Ive now tested this and confirmed it works and my core can now connect!

It wasn’t too hard to set up… i found this great tutorial someone wrote a while ago.

I know PPTP is not secure like some of the other options these days but hey it works and for what I’m doing it doesn’t need to be

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