[SOLVED] BTLE Library compatible with Core, but not with Photon

Hi, folks!

I just got my Photons the other week, and I’ve started trying to convert my Core-based projects over.

In one of them, I’ve got a BTLE breakout from Adafruit. I’ve been using the Nordic Semiconductor library to talk to it, and it works great on my Core. However, when I drop in my Photon, it no longer works. When I say it “no longer works”, I mean my phone no longer sees the BTLE device using the Bluefruit LE app.

What could cause this? I’m guessing something in the library needs to be updated, but I’m not sure where to start. I was under the impression that Photon and Core were interchangeable, or at least forward-compatible.


Oops! I guess I missed the note (and the silkscreening) about the 3.3V* pin on the Core becoming a VBAT pin. Once I moved the cable to the 3V3 pin, everything works (on both devices).

If you need me, I’ll be over there, in the shame cube.