softAP - documentation, Logo

I can see that documenting some more of the softAP features is quite high on the to do list. I know the answers are variously buried in this forum but I think it is important to clearly identify the need to put the System.set(SYSTEM_CONFIG_SOFTAP_PREFIX, “Moo”); instructions inside a function that is called by STARTUP. This isn’t mentioned in some the threads that tell you how to use softAP and could save some head-scratching.

It could also be an idea, just because people undoubtedly would like to do it to include a small example of how to embed an image/logo in the page. Like this for instance using base64 :
<img src=......>

The beauty of the open source docs is that everybody can make contributions. If you’re feeling up for it, hit the edit button on the top of the docs and issue a pull request that can benefit everybody :slight_smile:


I’ll let someone good do it :wink: