Smartconfig lib does not fire onFirstTimeConfigEvent


This is the situation: Eclipse, Android app working fine, smartconfiglib used as external library.
The config works but the event is never fired, or catched by code…


   public class ActivityMain extends FragmentActivity implements FirstTimeConfigListener {
//later in a function I start firstTimeConfig:
        ftc = new FirstTimeConfig((FirstTimeConfigListener) this, password, key, gateway, ssid, "CC3000");			

This code works, the spark is configured and logs on to the network. The config lib keeps on running, that shows on Logcat. And the COAB message is received in between logcat output of the config lib.
But no event… So is it mandatory to run the config lib as a service, in order to make it fire the event? I don’t think so, or am I wrong? After all the event is just an interface within the same process of my app.
Any thoughts?