Slow response from external Setup and Reset buttons

Hello folks,

I have a PCB that connects an external Reset and Setup buttons to the Photon SMD. Most of the time they work fine, but I can tell there is a time delay (~1/2 second) of pressing the external buttons vs. pressing the buttons on the Photon.

This becomes an issue when trying to put the Photon in Safe Mode or ``DFU mode. Only 1/3 of the time the Photon responds correctly to pressing both buttons. The rest of the time it will reset, but then it ignores that you are still pressing the Reset button and it will enterListening modeinstead ofSafe Mode```.

Below is the schematic of the PCB. I could really use some help here. Any idea what I’m missing?

There’s nothing that I can see wrong with the concept.

I’d double/triple check your connections, and whether your switches are somehow damaged.

If you have an oscilloscope, hang that off the reset line and see if you see any anomalies.

Shouldn’t you be holding on to the SETUP button after hitting reset?

@kennethlimcp I kept pressing the SETUP button. Sorry for the confusing original explanation.

@AndyW, you were right. The switch produces an inconsistent current depending on what part of the the button your are pressing. I need a better button!

Thanks guys!

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