Simulating Particle Cloud down on a device

I would like to test how my firmware behaves in the unlikely case the Particle cloud is down.
On an Argon, one way I know is by filtering the UDP port the device uses to establish the cloud connection (port 5684 I believe).
On a Boron, I’m out of ideas (maybe removing the antenna would work, but that will not ONLY simulate that the Particle cloud is down, but the whole connectivity layer is down, which is different).

Besides modifying my firmware, are there any tricks, backdoors in DeviceOS, or anything better I can do to test such scenario?


The way I would do it is use the Electron Cloud Manipulator which actually works with all UDP devices, basically everything except the Photon/P1.

It’s a node script, and you need to run it so the port is accessible from the Internet on a public IP. You then use particle key server to point your cellular device to that address and port.

What it does is sit between the device and the real Particle cloud and has the ability to drop all packets in either direction, or both directions, randomly lose packets, or delay packets, to simulate various failures.


Impressive, thank you!

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