Simple Flashee Question

I have (3) Unix timestamps I would like to have persist in the event of a restart/reset. The first is updated hourly starting at 7am and sometime between 7-11am it will become static for the day, that’s when I would commit this to flash. The second and third vary hourly depending on conditions in my code and I will need to update them throughout the day. Then at the end of the day maybe 11pm, I no longer need them. I am thinking it doesn’t do me any good to delete the contents of the flash as that is a forced erase which would affect long term storage but how would you go about storing this data and using it only when the date of the timestamp is the same as the current timestamp?

@mdma any advice on this?

Just write the different types of data to different locations in flash as you need it, and then set the time to 0 to erase for example. Flashee will take care of the wear levelling.