SHT10 Problem reading


I’m using a SHt10 to read the soil humidity. I put a 10K resistor between data and Voltage.

The sensor is reading but I have readings I thing It’s not real.

for example, I put the sensor buried and alway is 93 or 94% when the soil is completely dry. I used another sensor to check and the measurements are 68%.
I re-checked puting in aerial mode and comparing with a bme280 humidity, and the readings for BME are 42% and sht10 30%. and with different Sht10 sensors…

does any body knows why I have this incorrect readings?


/////////////////////////SHT10 Reading/////////////////////////
                        digitalWrite(D2, HIGH);
                        digitalWrite(D3, HIGH);
                        float tempsoil1 = sht1x.readTemperatureC();
                        float humsoil1 = sht1x.readHumidity();
                        digitalWrite(D2, LOW);
                        digitalWrite(D3, LOW);

…put the sensor out of the water :kissing:
If the code works with the other sensors, it may be due to the hardware:

  • Calibration needed?
  • Are the pins soldered correctly or are you using a breakout board?
  • Change the PIN mapping to exclude problems with D2, D3 from the device.