Sharing cloud control of photon with others - current best option suggestions?

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Hello - If I want to share control of a photon through a cloud based service any suggestions on the current best options? If I search there are many alternatives which are hard to compare. Max 10 users. Free service.

I currently have an IFTTT button on my phone but that can’t be shared as far as I can tell.

Project is series of relays controlled by photon - ON/OFF.


Do you intend this device to be publicly controlled or controlled by a handful of users?

If the former, why not create a website with a button or something similar that POSTs to the correct endpoint (taking care to hide your API key from the public)?

If the latter, check out what we call a “Product” in the Console - this allows you the ability to share access to a given device across your development team.


Thanks - When I try to create a product it requires a credit card number with no explanation why.