Session: Spectra Keynote and Product Announcements

Hey folks! Zach here. Use this thread to ask questions or comment on our Keynote presentation and product announcements.


Great keynote. I’m very interested in the new pricing plans and EtherSIM. With 350 global carriers announced now, is Verizon one of them, and is the B404 / BRN404 certified with Verizon?

With your migration from data plans into operations, how can we understand this right? We currently optimised our design to be using 20 MB of data monthly, which was a fair amount for us. This was done by compiling data and sending one message every 20 seconds.

Will that leave us with now 3x60x24x30=129.600 operations pr device?

Each publish from the device will count as a single data operation (even if you have packed a lot of data into it).

I may have missed this, but how is the Boron impacted by Ethersim? We use the B402 and I’m curious if this means our existing hardware may support new regions?

This will mean we can have 7 devices at 300 USD/month up from 70 USD/month.

For predictive maintenance on industrial applications, some of our sensors are very data heavy and we need every second of measurement from for instance pressure. I still feel we’re being left behind when being data heavy users. Yes, some of our systems are only running 2-4 hours a day, while others are running continuously.

@CasperL There will be follow-up for existing customers like you to help ensure you aren’t left behind.

Unfortunately Verizon is not currently one of the carriers included with EtherSIM. We are continuing to push for Verizon support - it is a commonly requested feature - and one of the major advantages of EtherSIM is that when we are able to achieve that goal we expect to be able to push out Verizon support to existing EtherSIM devices over-the-air. That said, we do not have a specific timeframe for when this may be available.

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Hi @cdolan .

Existing BSeries hardware will not be able to make use of new EtherSIM functionality. The same is true for the embedded SIM in Borons. However, for Borons, you can make use of the external SIM card slot once EtherSIM is available as a standalone purchase option.

For a full list of additional carrier and region support, check out our updated cellular carriers page. Drop downs exist for devices manufactured pre EtherSIM and another for EtherSIM.


Perfect - We can still do some edge calculations that can benefit us in the long run, but for now our customers are demanding “live” data every second with competition being PLC controllers, industrial routers and all the complexity and lack of scalability those solutions bring.

I’m one of the few WiFi holdouts, but something I didn’t notice was any clarity on how the move to Data Operations will affect my cost of operations (as the non-limit on WiFi data is one of the reasons we are sticking with WiFi for the time being).

Another question. Has Particle considered a “buyback” style program for existing cellular devices to allow easier" updating" to the new EtherSIM enabled boards?

Would love to chat offline, we do industrial sensing for waste and recycling equipment, sounds like we do similar stuff with Particle!

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Wi-Fi devices will have Data Operations plans that are the same as cellular (100K/mo for free, 720K/mo per block if you’re on the Growth plan, larger quantities available for Enterprise). We’ll be sending out communications over the next few days to help people understand what tier they would fall in under current usage, and to optimize data operation consumption over the next few months before the Growth tier goes live.

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This is one of the reasons we set up the referral program - we thought that would be a good way to further discount hardware for existing customers over the next two weeks.

Blog post summarizing this morning’s announcements: Announcing Particle’s next-generation cellular IoT platform: Particle EtherSIM, free up to 100 devices – Particle Blog

Hello! Are is the only website where the Boron LTE CAT-M1 (NorAm) Starter Kit with EtherSIM can be purchased currently or does the existing Boron Starter Kit from somewhere like the Particle Store on Amazon work with EtherSIM?


My Question relates to the Ethersim. If you were to use mobile devices with EtherSim, would you be able to use those devices with the geofencing technology you are releasing in the future? Would this be mobile way of allowing companies to access the tracker without the hardware elements, by using the mobile device via Ethersim?

Particle team, I see that existing accounts with more than 100 devices on them are being automatically migrated to the new “free” tier which then caps the max number of devices connected to the account, even for those grandfathered in from previous changes in account restrictions. Why are these changes being implemented immediately? We need some sort of grace period while we sort out how we can move forward. I am assuming there are others in the same situation.

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I got a link to the particle store during session chat, but I can’t seem to find EtherSIM. There is EtherSIM enabled hardware (boron, etc.) but at the moment, there is no plain EtherSIM card, which I could insert into my Electron 2G. Did I just miss the SIMs? Or are they not available yet?