Session: How to build a site reliability engineering discipline to support your IoT product at scale

Topic for Spectra session discussion!

Thanks a lot for your session. Very valuable content and I am especially interested in the alerting integration part.

You offer the complete environment, IoT devices and the platform. That’s quite unique and powerful. So the only “missing piece” seems to be user alerting :wink:

The reason I am asking is that we have integrated our own alerting solution SIGNL4 with Particle as shown here:

This approach ist quite programmatic. Therefore I asked you about standard integrations for alerting and for alerting providers as us. You answered my question already. Thanks for that and I am looking forward to everything you come up with in the future.

Thanks a lot and greetings from Berlin, Germany


Thanks for joining us at the SRE talk. Providing solutions that make it easier for our customers to manage their IoT fleet is on our radar. Ideally we would like to provide access to the same level of tooling/visibility that our SRE team currently leverages to monitor our platform.

Sounds great. Thanks a lot and have a wonderful remaining Spectra 2021 …