Serial timed out while initially listening to device

Was trying to setup a device remotely for a client using the CLI (all other options failed at the time)
and we were constantly getting this message when running serial wifi.
I’ve never seen this error before and seeing it so frequently using a vital command was really disheartening. Any idea why this was happening?

Hey TrikkStar, thanks for the post, and sorry to hear about the trouble. Can you post more details for us here? What was the device, DeviceOS version, CLI version, etc?


Running a P1 on OS 1.4.4 and using the latest Windows 10 CLI version.

The error would happen occasionally when selecting a Wi-Fi network from the list (getting the right network to actually appear has always been a pain), and always happened when selecting no when scanning for networks.

As an aside this was happening during a teleconference through Zoom and the computer being used was remotely controlled by a coworker of mine. Not sure if it’s relevant but worth mentioning since I likely can’t test anything.

Interesting. I don’t know why Zoom would interfere with a device broadcasting in SoftAP mode (as the Photon/P1) does, but its possible. Would it be possible to remove Zoom from the mix and retry to see if it continues to happen?

Unfortunately I don’t believe we can test with that machine again. The device was brought online with the Particle iOS app skipping authentication (can we get this for Android please?) and I don’t think our customer wants to spend time diagnosing connection issues.
I’ll see if we can replicate the issue with another machine.

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ok, let me know. Definitely want to dig in further if its easily reproducible.

So I’m now getting this issue when running the CLI on my local machine. Running 2.4.0 on Win10. Never seen this issue personally before today.
I’m also experiencing the fun bug where my network name doesn’t show up in the scan list after multiple “rescan” requests.