Serial data logger

Do you know of a small serial data logger that just logs serial data without interaction?

I would like to put it on a featherwing protoboard for debug purposes. Setting the loghandler up for Serial1 on a Boron, B523, Argon … and connect that to a logger module that just logs the data in a huge circular buffer without needing any interaction, for later retrieval.


Would you be interested in a device like the OpenLog?

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As long as it does not need commands to start logging, and can keep data without power. Seems great for large amounts of data.

Also interest in a version without SD card, as that can be a source of instability in the field.

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@thrmttnw ,

There is a single line text file that you put in the root folder of the MicroSD card which handles all the configuration. So, no commands needed to start logging.

I use these in a couple counters where there is zero cell signal (except ahem - Verizon!) and they have proven quite reliable. I am hoping the cellular coverage picture improves before they wear out.



haha. ditto! Maybe eventually. I am still crossing my fingers. :slight_smile:

A data logger with flash memory, but retired - used to be available embedded in resin:

We use a adafruit adalogger. It is in a Feather format, has an SD card and you can rig it to be self powered.