Sending Data with the Boron

Hi, I am interested in collecting accelerometer, microphone, GPS, and BLE data for a Senior Thesis Project. I need to send this data to an Amazon S3 bucket. I have never used IoT devices before, so I am wondering what the steps would be to implement this. I understand that the Boron has everything I need except the microphone data. Some questions I have are:

  1. How exactly do I program the Boron to send this data? Are there tutorials online?

  2. I need to collect microphone data in the form of .wav files. My intention is to collect this audio data at a certain time when the BLE is activated. Is this possible with any of the IoT devices that Particle has to offer? If not, can I simultaneously install another microcontroller that can collect this data, and utilize the same modem?

While you can use a PDM microphone, or an analog microphone amplifier with DMA sampling on the nRF52 MCU, the Boron is probably not a great choice for this project.

The cellular modem is limited to around 2 Kbytes/sec, far below what you’d need for uploading real-time uncompressed audio data, even at low sample rates.

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