This should be a simple one…

If i’m using both of these commands, does the order matter in which the commands are listed?


The order is not important :grinning:

Great, thanks for the quick reply.

Oh, one more random question…

Is there a way from running code to determine if you enabled SYSTEM_THREAD?

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and, while I’m asking…how about a way to determine what mode you’re using?

Not that I know of for either.

I’d think there is a way to determine - since the system needs the info to act accordingly - but whether these “flags” are exposed for application code or not I can’t say.

However, what use-case are you thinking of?
When you are writing your code you should be aware of your choice :wink:
And libraries should be ignorant of the choice IMO.

Other than me liking to print lots of diag info when I’m compiling in debug mode, I can’t say there is a great use case for these options. However, I look at other pieces of the SDK and sometimes there are routines I don’t see a need for but I’m sure somebody wants. Of course, if you program it, you would know which way you went. Just a thought…