Selling 37 brand new E0 modules E402MOD1 still in rappers

I am considering abandoning my project, and so I am wondering whether anyone would be interested in buying our brand new unused inventory. Please respond to this email or to if interested or call me at 573 578 7400

Sad to hear, but out of curiosity, would you like to talk about the reasons?
Again, just really being curious here…

The reasons are not related to Particle products, but majorly related to the fact that the E0 has been depreciated to End of Life after such a short life. It was a great product. In addition to that, although our product is really ready for marketing, at my age (74) and season in life, I don’t want to take this on all by myself. I had a young fellow that I was training and I had hopes that he would take the lead, but for personal reasons (his disappointment in a relationship with a young woman), he just resigned.and went back to his home state. I want to spend more time grandfathering and in campus ministries.


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