Self power photon from spinning shaft

My next project is a belt slippage detector. I would like to power a photon from a spinning shaft (1000 rpm) so I could self power it. I know I could attach a PM motor to the shaft, but that isn’t practical in this case. I would like to attach two magnets to the shaft and a stationary coil(s). Has anyone done this or have any insight for this? Thanks Paul

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Hi @pauldc,

I might recommend something like an energy harvester and a supercap

I’m using something like this for my self-powered / power-harvesting projects.


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@Dave, the harvester won’t be able to power the Photon constantly. With the magnets and coil he is constructing a basic generator (reverse motor). What’s needed is to figure out placement of magnets and the size and number of coils needed to generate enough voltage/current for the Photon. It would need to be rectified and regulated like an AC source.

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