Selecting TFT screen size SPI

Hey anybody know how to change the screen size?

the functions only work 3/4 of the screen. but the other pixels work when screen rotate function is called.

Any suggestions?

@Dad1, it’s really hard to help when you provide so little information. Which display unit and which display library are you using?

Oh sorry, I am using the Adafruit_ILI9341 library, which i believe is ported by you (if i am not wrong). and i am using the SPI ILI9341 (240x320) (chinese version)

This looks as if the default orientation of the screen is off not that some pixels won’t be addressed.
320x240 vs. 240x320 - your red rectangle looks like a 240x320 object drawn on a 320x240 screen with origin bottom right (on your photo).

The easiest would be to force the correct orientation in setup().

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