Seasonally disabling Boron 404x devices while on a growth plan?

I am doing a budget for our growth phase of our product. Due to the nature of the industry it serves many clients will want to disable their devices during the winter, and we would like to stop paying for those devices while their owners are not paying us. Is there a way to un-claim a Boron device, then re-claim it several months later and have it continue operating? Manual intervention at the other end is not possible, but the device will have a reliable power source.

HI @nickB I can help you with this. Can you email me at

Hi @nickB , how many months would they have to be disabled for? Are the months always the same? Would they vary from device-to-device?

Hi Hutch, it would be on a device to device basis ranging from half the year to a few months of downtime.

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