Scaling in the cloud

Hello Everyone!

I built a prototype of a smart device that has the photon controlled via an amazon Alexa. The architecture is pretty standard Alexa -> ASK -> Lambda and then photon.

How would this architecture defer from when i want to scale in the cloud. So instead of having once smart device i want to mass produce thousands of them. I have identified the following steps.

  1. Design the PCB of the smart device using P1 for mass production.
  2. Scaling in the Cloud - I was a little confused about this one, right now my AWS Lambda is associated with one unit of particle photon via the device id and the access token. Lets say if i scale to a 1000 devices, does that mean i would need to have 1000 different lambda functions deployed with each individual device ID?
  3. Scaling the photon code. Does photon allow fleet management of devices? Like if i have a 1000 photons, and would like to deploy the same code on all devices, is that possible? Or would i manually need to flash the code in each photon?

Please include any other steps that are required for scaling, in case i missed any :slight_smile:


The photon is the device itself, but Particle (the company) does offer fleet management. Have a look at the Particle console, where you can create and manage your products.

You would setup a OAuth link between your Alexa account and the Particle cloud.
There is a (slightly dated) thread that illustrates that

Things have slightly changed on the Amazon and the Particle side but not too long ago I went through that process again and made it work for my devices. So it works but might need some tweaking here or there.

I have a custom alexa skill, would that matter? Since this is for a smart home skill?

The authentication process should not differ between custom and Smart Home skills.


Sorry this is not my area of expertise at all (i.e. Oauth), so having a difficult time wrapping my head around everything.