Safe to let Boron Lipo run all the way to shutoff?

Hello. We have an application where a lipo needs to be connected to a Boron then installed inside an assembly, where it will no longer be easily accessible. External power will then be removed (while battery still plugged in) and the unit will be put in storage for a while. There is no easy way to externally switch it or turn this off due to nature of the application/device. We really want to plug it in and leave it.

When the device is removed from storage, it will be supplied with 5v to the VBUS pin of the Boron, where I assume Boron will re-charge the now exhausted Lipo. The device will normally operate with the 5v VBUS source, and Lipo is just a backup if primary power is lost.

Having the Lipo plugged in causes Boron to operate. I have read the datasheet for the charge controller BQ24195 on the Boron, but can’t find a clear answer on this question:

Is it okay to just let that Lipo run all the way down until it shuts off, while the device is in storage? I assume the BQ24195 will trip off at a safe point so the battery won’t go all the way to zero, then it would naturally just re-charge once it is taken out of storage and used.

Thank you.