Rolling my own 'refill station'

We refill these bottles MANUALLY at a community centre I volunteer at some weekends. They’re a PAIN.

If I wanted to use one of my Photons to begin building a DIY version of the electronic system in the picture anyone know how I’d begin? Like what sort of pump? Peristaltic or diaphragm or a third (better) type?

Also how you’d measure out a dose? Can some pumps handle the measuring or are you always going to be looking at a scale?


Have you seen this? Shampoo Vending Machine : 15 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

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Pretty cool and no I hadn’t seen it. Looks good. But it does look like there is quite a delay before anything is pumped initially and then the flow rate is quite slow. I wonder if a beefier pump (or another type of pump) would negate that. Thank you

I’d vote for the Peristaltic type you’ve already mentioned (food grade I assume).
You can also try searching for their other common names, “metering” or “dosing” pump.

They are positive displacement pumps, which should make dispensing accurate volumes easy by timing the power source.

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