RN-52 Controlled by Photon (Audio Center)


I’m trying to source some code, not sure if existing or not, for the Photon to control a RN-52 breakout module (not the Sparkfun one, but a Jaycon one; details here).

I’ve never had a project with the software SPI however the documentation looks straight forward enough. I see there is a RN52 library on Particle Build, so I might try off that first. Essentially I only want to control some basics, like volume etc. (there is also the alternative of doing it through some of the breakout pins, but I’d like to keep it all on the Photon…). The overall project will include an amplifier, FM receiver, OLED screen and this BLE module… all nicely packaged and on my desk at work.

Would be interested to hear if anyone has done a similar thing, and advice.