Rgb Matrix addressable

I need a little jump start on something I’m doing research for. I need help making this work with one of the particle devices. I’m aiming to use One of the cellular devices. Whats the differences between Proton, electron and Argon, boron while I’m here asking questions. A long time ago I bought a proton WiFi… is argon and boron upgrades?..

this project is to use a rgb led matrix that is addressable… to output Images and text output to display on screen… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075T9RRPM/ref=cm_sw_r_fm_apa_i_kgYqEb7DVG6DR

Thanks for your help. I searched over and over I keep running into documentation for YouTube videos of people creating something that seems to be similar to what I’m trying to achieve yet they do not explain… for instance this is close but not exact I would want to push data from a cell phone in my situation… https://youtu.be/QbIHK0TNa-w

Also I found this https://youtu.be/1k2-Tx5zeUc

So remind me can’t you use arduino code on a proton? It’s basically an arduino. Maybe just update some pin code?

Thanks again!!!

Well I have an Argon and a Boron… I’m testing a 8x32 ws2812b on Argon and when I’m finished I will copy to Boron… So where I’m at now is I’ve been able to get the neopixel library to work with the ws2812b using the example sketch rgbw-strandtest.cpp


I haven’t been able to connect a lot of libraries… This one is a working one and so far what I really need is a way to display text. Scrolling text Can anybody help me on that?

How do I convert text to this libraries way of doing things?

Using the Neomatrix library, that uses the Neopixel Library to function and starting with the single matrix example I was able to use this to get my scrolling text. It didn’t work with Argon and Boron models at first but this was updated to work recently by making the Neomatrix library use the most updated Neopixel version 1.0.0 library version.

Using the blynk app I should be able to send text to screen.

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