RFM95 + XENON FeatherWing

Hi all!

I have a projet with RMF95 and XENON and FeatherWing. I am trying to use the librairy of RadioHead.h (https://www.airspayce.com/mikem/arduino/RadioHead/index.html)

I have been struggling with that pretty much the whole day and cannot make it work.
It fail right on the init process because it look like I cannot change the working mode…

Since Xenon use nRF52840 , I assumed that I need plaform NRF52.
using that, I have been able to compile my code

I defined the module it with the CS and IRQ in my main:
RH_RF95 rf95(RFM95_CS, RFM95_INT);

The function RH_RF95::init() return false because the OP_MODE is 8 instead of 80 (which is set just before).

NOTE: If I use “RH_RF95 rf95” only, OP_MODE response 0 so it’s look like I have some communication.

I seen on the main page of RadioHead particular attention for photon (title “Building for Particle Photon”) but since Xenon use NRF52840, I assumed it’s not needed).

PLEASE HELP :smiley:



We have the RFM95 working on the Photon and the code in on the forum but I’m not sure if it’s compatible with the Mesh devices or not.


thanks for the help! The code in the example for RFM85 is working but It’s when I integrate the rest of my code that it would not. I will work on that later but for now my main issue of getting the module working is solve.