Review Particle on G2 Crowd, get a $20 Amazon gift card


Hello Parti-People!!

Think you could help us out with something real quick? We just signed up for this website that’s a bit like Yelp for businesses, and it would be awesome if we could get a few more reviews under our belt.

If you’ve used Particle extensively in the past, and if you have time to write something up, it’d be super helpful.

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Thank you for being a valued :particle: customer. As you know, we love to hear from you. Your feedback helps us provide the best customer service in the industry. We’re running a campaign with G2 Crowd to gather reviews for our platform and service. You’ll be receiving an email from G2 Crowd tomorrow. The first batch of customers to write a review receive a $20 Amazon Gift card.

If you’d like a head start, go ahead and give your review here to get that $20!

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Thank you,

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Let me know if y’all have questions! I’m happy to be transparent and helpful.

Parti on,


We need ONE more review to get us over the hump and to G2Crowd’s next level.

If you have the time please help out! I’ll write the next person to review a personalized limerick AND haiku.


Done. Hope it helps. Love my Particle products and the community support. Could not have done it without the help of all the people here.





His name is last Cummingham, first Tom
He loves, not .com
IoT goodness he’s found
From the cloud to the ground
And now all of his projects are bomb!


Particle Mesh Forums
Home to a helpful Rick
And now, a happy Tom


Thanks, Hawk! I’ve exhausted my poetic creativity for today but it is HUGELY appreciated :sweat_smile:


Awesome. Well done Joe. :slight_smile:


No prob! Though now it’s clear why I left my professional poet aspirations behind long ago…

Seriously though, thanks for helping out. It means a lot.


Wanted to bump this thread again since we have a 10(!!) more Amazon gift cards we’re able to give out. Please feel free to leave a review if you have time. :slight_smile:


I was one of the first to review but never got a Gift Card :disappointed_relieved:

I did start getting lots of marketing emails from G2 though :grinning:


Er, wait. That’s not how it’s supposed to work.

Let me look into it for you, @RWB.


Disingenuous of G2 Crowd to require a “business email” or the keys to your LinkedIn profile (and first and second degree connections) on the last page before submitting the review. Thanks, but no thanks.