Resynchronization data usage

How much data is used during resynchronization? I haven’t found it in the documentation/community.

I need a relative time accuracy, and I execute Particle.syncTime() function. I don’t really know how often should execute it. Once an hour? Once per day? Depending the data consumption I can set a compromise between accuracy and cost.

Thank you.

Ping @rickkas7

I wouldn’t think you would get much time drift over just 24 hours.

Unless you get the second accuracy I wouldn’t think you would need to update at more than every 24 hours.

Feed the BAT pin 3.3v and you can use the built-in RTC to hold the time while in deep sleep which should also help reduce the number of times you need to re-sync the time.

Ok @RWB, I’ll try to evaluate the drift and check if it’s viable to do it less often.

Nevertheless, what about the amount of data used during the resynchronization process? Any clue about that?

Thank you