(Resolved)-Problem with Mobile app SDK storyboard

Changing position of controls in storyboard View Controller no longer has no effect on my app.
I started with the view controller that came in the SDK Example/ folder; I moved the controls
around a little, changed some of the labels, all was working fine.

All of a sudden, after I rearrange positions in Storyboard (Interface Builder), now when I run app on iPhone6+ it shows controls in previous position.

What exactly do you mean by “all of a sudden”? What did you do between when you said you made changes and all was working fine, and when it was no longer the way you wanted? How did you move the controls in the storyboard? Did you change the constraints? Do you have any yellow or red warning arrows at the top of the scene list?

What did I do between when it worked and when it malfunctioned? I ran Xcode. That’s all.
(This is why even Apple gives Xcode only 3 out of 5 stars in its own App Store.)

I deleted the misbehaving UI controls and re-added them.
Xcode is an unusually buggy IDE. Perplexing that the biggest company of all time won’t debug their biggest money making IDE. This would easily pay for the effort in greater iOS developer productivity.

Onward and upward!