Resetting of photon

Dear Particle teammate,
I have couple of questions,

  1. As I have gone through the docs of Photon there are no such steps to reset the device.But suppose if I want my device to reset i.e if I want to erase my application flashed on device what should I do?

  2. What is DFU mode and SAFE mode?When we actually need this?
    Though I had gone through docs still I am not clear about it, please explain it bit deep

That really is all there in the docs…

1)Flash it with something else like an empty program or Tinker.

2)DFU mode (blinking yellow) allows you to program the device over USB. Safe Mode essentially disables the user code (your application) so you can be sure nothing your code was doing is stopping you from flashing it OTA.


So if my device is in SAFE MODE I cannot flash an updated code to my device?

Yes, you can flash updated code to your device when it is in safe mode. In fact, that’s the mode you would want it in to flash new code if something in your (old) code is keeping the device from connecting to the cloud.


thank you sir