Request to using webhooks

Hi, i hope you can help me out … i’m trying to perform a request from my particle dev to by using webhooks, but from the documentation provided by for http requests ( it is not clear to me if it is possible, and in that case, which is theproper webhook … any help will be really appreciated.

First off, let me say, this ( is really freakin cool!

That being said, you post doesn’t quite have enough information to elicit the responses you were probably hoping for. I prefer this format:

What I’m trying to do
Describe in detail the task. Yes you want to use but how so? How do you want to use their API? What would you be sending? Are you interested in the response? Let us know!

What I’ve Done

Describe what you’ve tried. Example: I’ve created the following webhook (link to webhook) and tried activating it by publishing an event using the Particle CLI but I don’t get the response I expect (link to response)

Extra Info
Cover important stuff here, like that you have a Spark Core or a Photon, you are a super-advanced programmer or total newbie (so we know how to respond), etc

I am having the same problem. Both Alexa and have well documented webhook integration. has not given you a location to configure the url for the webhook.