Report that one of my Core belongs to someone else?


I’ve been having some issues with a core for quite a while now. Its resulted in me having to reset my Wifi alot, and to reset them, using the ‘particle setup’ on the CLI.

In an attempt to do a deep reset I upated the CLI, Version 1.20.1 installed the DFU factility and then bit a partical flash usb --C3000. Took alot of time to get there, but its done

Anyway I got it up and running and updated the wifi using Partical setup. That was OK, and it is working, but I noticed that at the end of the wifi set up it tries to claim my core, and it would sit there until I terminated the window constantly trying to claim the core. its been like that for ages now, but tonight I pressed the return button, enough times for it to report:-

!Something went wrong
! Out of tries That belongs to someone else. To request a transfer add ?request_transfer=true to the ULR.

So this has me wondering if my reliability issues are due to the fact that some were the system thinks my core might belong to someone else?

And which ULR would I add the request to?

Any thoughts?


Liam just refresh your Particle Dev and it should be listed correct.

You can also verify via the console and logging in your account
To confirm it is listed under your logged account info.


Shouldn’t it be

partical flash --usb CC3000

If you only want to set the WiFi creds, you won’t need particle setup but particle serial wifi should be the better choice.


Yes very probably. But forgive me post an event making a syntax error. After all I’m only 10 hours into really screwing up my system computers, trying to follow conflicting documentation.