Replacement of UI


As I have mentioned in a previous post we are in the early stages of redesigning an existing product to add IoT by replacing our MCU with a P1.

We already have an existing UI which consists of a number of capacitive touch buttons plus a character based LCD. As such the standard Particle 2 pushbuttons plus LEDs Interface is redundant for us and unnecessarily costs us some pins we need for other functionality. Accordingly I’m looking to remove the functionality of the buttons and LEDs from the bootloader and main system OS and instead integrate our UI elements.

I’m envisaging removal of code that initialises the button and LED pins, removal of code that handles/processes them (including it appears that the buttons have ISR hooks) and then integration of our menu system to trigger the functionality that the buttons would normally provide and to display system state normally shown by the LEDs.

My question is just that I wanted to ask if anyone else has attempted this before and wondered if you had come across any difficulties that you had not envisaged when starting your work?


Let me ping someone that might be able to help, @rickkas7 are you able to assist?